VW Ad – a happy end

Well, it seems that the whole thing is being settled rather fair. I couldn’t really imagine VW suing these guys, that would have damaged their image more than the spot did…
ad-rag also states that the clip was indeed published through Lee and Dans Website. Surprising, isn’t it??

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Wizbang has a reference to the brilliant VW ad that has been around the web for the last couple of days.
Even though VW claims it did not produce this ad and is now even considering legal actions against the creator of this ad, one cannot argue, that the clip is funny and surely helping VW to sell this car (all moral thoughts on car-bombings and terrorism left aside).

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Storytelling and „webvertising“

I love good stories. And I really enjoy ad campaigns that tell a story, rather than simply sell a product. Examples are, of course, http://www.bmwfilms.com or the American Express Seinfeld Webisodes, which are apparently not online any longer. Admittingly, these examples are quite old when measured by digital standards.
There was another campaign, which amazed me. It was (is) the Sharp Aquos campaign, which presented three television spots showing one and the same scene, but from different angles – the angles of the three people involved in the story, which could be followed at http://www.moretosee.com/
More than that, the story unfolded across several fake websites setup by Sharp. In the story, Nathalie, Peter and Mike are searching for the whereabouts of three somehow really precious urns. On the web, everybody could join the search, exchanging thoughts about clues they got on these fake websites, all within a forum also setup by Sharp. It ran (at least in Germany) until the end of last year.
So this is also not a very new campaign being finished for the last couple of weeks, but for some reason, people still post their comments on http://forums.steinitzpuzzlers.com/index.php?s=ceb772b96ced472bdad18333d2e7a188&showforum=3

If anybody knows about a new campaign that is a good example of good storytelling, let me know!

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