As PSFK and Adverblog write, Nike launched the new Tiempo Legend shoe featuring Ronaldinho in most media other than above the line. Especially through mobile, online and vidcasts, hoping that „magic viral“ will take over and spread the word – or rather videos.

Well, I can only assume it did work fine sofar. My cousin already sent me the main video of the microsite a week ago, when I didn’t even know about this campaign. However, it was taken a little out of context. While Ronaldinho plays, what’s called on the site „brazilian ping pong“, I got the video via email with the subject line: „I’d prefer if he would actually manage to hit the goal instead“. But we all (even I, the most soccer illiterate) know Ronaldinho, so that missing context doesn’t hurt.

The target group knows everything about Nike shoes and Ronaldinho, I am sure. So when they receive that video, it’s spot on.

Considering the fact that this video even spread to people like me is a good sign of success. Even though it might appear accidental, that I receive something like it – or, on the contrary, quite obvious, as I spend most of my time online – even I have spent some considerable time with the Nike brand now.