Der große McDonald’s Pommes Mitmach-Kurzfilm

Als wäre es wieder 2008. Oder 2012. Eine Marke ruft ihre Fans dazu auf, werbliche Clips zu gestalten, bzw. einen Kurzfilm mitzukreieren.

Dieses Mal dreht es sich um eine Privatdetektiv-Geschichte: der FryFlix „Loaded Fries“. Ein Pommes ermittelt. Klingt nach einer spannenden Geschichte, die vermutlich fast so sehnsüchtig erwartet wird, wie der neue Star Wars Film…

Fans können auf der australischen Facebookseite ihren Senf dazu geben und bestimmen, wie der Film weitergehen soll. Leider ist das eine sogenannte „Globalpage„, woraufhin nur australische Facebooknutzer diese Seite zu sehen bekommen. Schade, denn ich hätte gerne gesehen, mit was für Vorschlägen die Fans um die Ecke kommen und wie die Marke auf die abstrusen oder sogar schlichtweg unsinnigen Vorschläge reagiert.

Anyway, hier ist der Trailer (und hier auf YouTube die weiteren Episoden):


YouTube Preview Image



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Levi’s nutzt Instagram in einer dezentralen Crowdsourcing Aktion.

Levi’s geht einen neuen Weg bei einem typischen Crowdsourcing Projekt: Jeder kann bei Instagram ein Photo hochladen, mit dem #-Tag #iamlevis versehen und dadurch das neue Werbegesicht werden:

Fashion brand Levi Strauss has launched a global casting effort for their upcoming print and broadcast production for the 2012 Brand Campaign and they are opening up the casting to everyone around the world via Instagram. They are asking people to upload their images on the photo sharing service with a special tag #iamlevis with the hope that they’ll be able to crowdsource the next talent to appear in their advertising. (Quelle)

Auf dieser Seite kann man die bisherigen Einsendungen sehen. (Dort kann man generell nach #-Tags bei Instagram suchen.)

Eine extrem dezentrale Aktion, die es Leuten zwar sehr einfach macht, teilzunehmen, aber auch etwas Arbeit verursacht, um alle Photos „einzusammeln“.

Des weiteren können die Beiträge nicht moderiert werden, es könnten sich also Bilder einschleichen, die Levi’s gar nicht im Rahmen dieser Aktion sehen will.

Andererseits erscheinen diese Bilder (bis lang) nicht auf einer Levi’s Markenwebsite und können somit keinen Schaden anrichten.

Ob solch ein dezentraler Ansatz ein guter Weg ist, Crowdsourcing zu betreiben? Ich bin gespannt…



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Crowdsourced Flaschen-Label Kampagnen Häufung.

Ein weiteres Crowdsourcing Projekt hat Heineken Österreich angest0ßen. User aus Österreich können in einer Facebook-App ein Foto von sich hochladen und damit eventuell auf einer limitierten Fan-Edition erscheinen. Anscheinend wird es 580 Fanfotos auf der Flasche geben. Bis jetzt gibt es noch 560 freie Plätze.


heineken fan bottle


Mittlerweile gibt es wirklich viele dieser Crowdsourcing Projekte. Astra in Hamburg hat von Usern gestaltete Labels auf Flaschen geklebt, Pril hat Ärger mit einem Label über Hähnchengeschmack gehabt. Sogar Heineken hat gleichzeitig auf internationaler Ebene einen ähnlichen Wettbewerb gelauncht, ebenfalls Facebook-basiert. Heineken macht sich damit auf ein und derselben Fanpage selbst Konkurrenz.


heineken crowdsourcing international


Man sollte meinen, die User werden es irgendwann satt haben, ständig Markenprodukte und/oder Kampagnen zu gestalten. Gleichzeitig geht eine der größten Advertising Crowdsourcing Aktionen in die nächste Runde: Doritos bittet mal wieder darum, dass User den TV Spot für die nächste Superbowl für sie kreieren.



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Poptent – crowdsourcing video productions

Not sure, how new this site is, but looks rather interesting. It’s a site for connecting brands with freelance videographers:

Poptent is the best place for independent and freelance videographers to build their portfolios, connect with companies and brands for commercial work. Here you will find the best and brightest up and coming creative minds in the business. Hire them. Collaborate with them. Join them. We’re building a crowdsourcing revolution and we want you to be a part of it. Become part of our community by clicking the JOIN NOW button.

It looks like some form of agency 2.0, and at the same time it raises the same debate that comes up when brands ask for creative submissions without guaranteeing a reward for every submission. Videocreators get the chance of having their video selected by a well known brand, yet they risk loosing their initial investment (time&money) if their video isn’t selected. And the brand gets a range of creations to choose from without having to pay for every single one.

Here is an example of a current project, asking for video content for snickers:

You know Snickers®, that unique, delicious, and substantial combination of peanuts, chocolate, caramel and nougat.
This assignment is to develop video content starring Snickers®. They are looking for either traditional ‘commercials’ or pass-along (viral) videos — original, authentic and entertaining Snickers® content which consumers will pass along, and use as inspiration for their own content creation.
Your challenge is to be creative, so don’t just follow the approach of previous Snickers® campaigns. You can either:
• Produce a fun, engaging traditional :30 second commercial
• Or produce a pass-along (viral) video of about :30 seconds in length …you choose
Your creative ‘bulls eye’ is males age 18-34. Snickers® has played a memorable role in ‘guy culture,’ with a long and celebrated history as the ‘go-to-bar’ for satisfying hunger.
You could earn $5,000 for each video they purchase or one of the $2000in guaranteed awards. Register below and read the Creative Brief for all the details and some more delicious inspiration.

$5.000 doesn’t sound like much to me, but I guess it depends on what they want to do with it.

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Some results from the Fiesta Movement activity

I already blogged about the Fiesta Movement social media activity. Now there are some results, published at adrants:

The program — which included a test-drive program — has elicited the interest of about 50,000 potential buyers, 97% of which don’t drive a Ford at present.

In toto, official Fiesta Movement content has drawn 4.3 million YouTube views, 540,000 flickr views and 3 million Twitter impressions.

These are quite remarkable results, indeed!

And all this is achieved with „$0 ad spent and a fraction of marketing costs“. I assume it really does compare well to traditional advertising efforts.

Yet communicating a figure of $0 seems to send out the wrong signal. The total costs (for 100 cars, the website, the staff at Ford, etc.) might be „a fraction“ of what is usually spend, but somehow I can’t imagine this whole campaing having been „cheap“.

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Fiesta Movement: a social media influencer aggregation campaign

In Germany in 2006, we had Opel (of GM) giving 4 Opel cars to bloggers for 4 weeks. Now, 3 years later and in the US, where everything is bigger, longer, etc. Ford does something even bigger and longer:

In the ultimate foreign exchange program, our 100 agents are spending six months behind the wheel of their own Fiesta, sharing their experiences, and completing monthly missions to show you what experiencing the Ford Fiesta is all about, way in advance of the U.S. launch in 2010. pulls in all of our agents’ content across the web to let you follow the Movement in one convenient place.  And each month will highlight different themed Missions, from Travel, Adventure, and Social Activism to Technology, Style & Design, and Entertainment.

Apparently, over 4.000 people applied for this. You can follow the agents on all the usual social media suspects: twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr and on blogs. Plus potentially a few more – it seems to be up to the individual agents, where they want to be present.

The main campaign site is an aggregator of all the agents‘ content. All photos, blog entries, youtube videos,tweets, etc. you can follow on this site, or alternatively via one common RSS feed. Unfortunately, you are not able to participate in any way on the campaign site. No comment option, no voting, etc. At least for now. Once they start the monthly missions (from  May 3rd) this might change, we’ll see. However, it might well be their strategy to keep participation in those places, where the content is, where users are used to participate with content: within the social networks themselves.

According to this source here (in German), the project is the single most important piece of „marketing“ for that car. Sounds like there will be no TV, no print advertising, etc. Quite an interesting approach, definitely one I will follow and see how it develops.

I really like social media aggregation projects like this. They are amongst the most complex to implement, believe me, both in terms of technical integration, as well as working out responsibilities and processes within the agency and with the client. Especially when you’re dealing with time frames that last longer than the usual campaign, i.e. at least 6 months, as in this case (if you include recruitment and teaser phase, which we seem to be in right now).

Last, but not least, you need considerable staff 24/7 to maintain the community to filter not acceptable content (yes, for most projects, there will be some!), if they do actually monitor external commentary. (Because, as mentioned above, you don’t seem to be able to comment or participate at all.)

(By the way, does anyone know the agency behind this?)

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Weblinks, 21st of April

  • Need a short URL for twitter? try instead of the typical – this is a nice marketing idea by smart, the shortest car around. 😉
  • A nice new advert by Hondy, in stopmotion, using lots and lots of cars:
  • A card board trailer of „300“ by Panasonic – what would happen to Hollywood given the current financial crisis. It belongs to a German UGC campaign of Panasonic. At the microsite you can upload your own cardboard version of a Hollywood Blockbuster an win lots of prizes.

  • A rather cruel (viral) video, could be a little less gruesome, if you ask me. But then, some say, a good viral video needs violence, blood and disgustingness. However, they called it: „violence is no solution“ – it’s an advert for a secure  e-commerce shop.

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