Is Skype Spam a reality?

To a greater or lesser extent most of us have gotten used to email spam. There are ways to filter it out, and the rest you can usually identify very easily and delete quickly.

But just today I have had a curious incident with Skype. Already a few days ago I had 2-3 people I have never heard of trying to get in contact with me, with spam-like messages.

Today, I was invited to a group chat with I don’t know how many other „victims“ I suppose. Most of them had left the group chat once I saw the open window, and all that was left were a few spam-like messages chatted by the initiator of the chat.

Does this mean IM is also subject to chat? Have they managed to invade the one digital communications channel that was – sofar – spam free?

And how about voice chat via skype? Will we have to face audio-spam ads during our telephone conversations?

I’m not sure whether or not I really saw spam, or just some unlucky coincidences. Did anyone encounter similar phenomena? According to Google, it does indeed exist…

Links & News, 30.05.07

Why did I get this funny comment spam?

I don’t understand the spammers. Why would they spam me and include a URL for Google? This is what I just found (and what Akismet missed, unfortunately):

HI! I’ve have similar topic at my blog! Please check it..

there was no other URL in the whole spam comment. I don’t assume that Google would comment spam blogs (if they need a higher pagerank, well, they’d know what to do), so who did this and why? Can anyone enlighten me?