Here we go again: Obama started his 2012 election campaign

Obama started his new campaign… and every single Social Media Consultant on this planet will be watching, analysing, commenting and tweeting about every little step of the campaign.

And it could well turn into a big one. Apparently, they’re trying to raise more then one billion dollars this time.

They’re starting with a 2 minute video called „It Begins With Us“.

At the grassroot level it’s individuals talking with individuals – and making a difference.

Copy whatever works, the Germans seem to think.

There were endless discussions in Germany about the successful  social media tactics employed during the presidential election campaign in the US. Of course these discussions also included thoughts and recommendations about how politics in Germany should make use of social media during this years election period.

I agree to the general thought, however I was mildly surprised by the blunt and uninspiring German copy of a well known video from the US. Whoever made this copy, did not even try to add their own thoughts. The only difference: this time they’re German Celebrities. The rest is the same. Here it is:

Does that look familiar? It is just like this one, isn’t it?

If this is the way forward during this year’s election, we will probably see a lot more stupid copies of the stuff in the US. I’ll keep you posted.

Interview with Obamas New Media Operation Manager

Mary C. Joyce was the New Media Operation Manager of Barrack Obama’s electoral staff. German Techsite Golem interviewed her during re:publica, a german blogger conference last week. It’s not about the tools, she says, it’s the strategy. I almost guessed that…

Ikea: Change is coming to the Whitehouse

An excellent and very timely idea by Ikea: At the website „Embrace Change“ Ikea will offer users the chance to speak out and let the future president know their suggestions for fiscally responsible home furnishings:

Well, here is what can happen if you let the Swedish Style take over the Oval Office:

Not sure about that 😉

But starting in 4 days, people will have the chance to add their own suggestions. Apparently, an Oval Office planner will be up and running by then.

Don’t think, somehow, that Obama will react to that…

Links & News – Obama Social Media Special

Obama’s social and online media campaign were exemplary, indeed. Now we would obviously like to see the stats and results. Here is a short list of the first sites listing results or impressions of the Obama campaign:

Even more numbers on the online community of Obama.

A flickr photo set of various social media activity during the Obama campaign.

„Communities dominate Brands“ with an Obama Social Media Meltdown,

A simple Google count showing that Obama’s campaign achieved to a lot more Google links in the last few years, than George Bush in his 9 years of term.

Read/write web with a comparison of the activities of MacCain and Obama.