Man muss mit der Zeit gehen: Catvertising als neue Agentur-Disziplin

Das Netz ist voll von Katzencontent. Scheint die User also zu interessieren. Was kann man daraus schlussfolgern? Marken müssen sich dem stellen, womit sich Nutzer gerne beschäftigen.

Die Agentur St John hat das in Taten umgesetzt:

To stay on top of the ever-changing advertising landscape, john st. has opened the world’s first cat video division. With production, filming and seeding all in-house. Ask yourself, what can cat videos do for your business?

Hier die Casestudy:

YouTube Preview Image

Im Januar hat die Agentur bereist mit dem Pink Pony von sich reden gemacht.

(via Gerald Hensel)

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The Social Media Platform Atlas

This, at first, came across as a rather nice gadget for social media nerds: the social media platform atlas. It shows an overview of interactions possible on the worlds largest social network:

This is a short description from the website:

Platlas is designed to help you better understand your social networks. Our goal with this project is to introduce a new and interactive perspective to the variety of actions users take on their social platforms. To better educate users and companies alike, we’ve created the first ever social network ecosystem exploration tool. (…)

Starting from a user’s profile in the center of the circle and moving outwards this interactive guide illustrates the hierarchy of Facebook user actions from the perspective of content creation and interaction. (see here)

Clicking through the tool, you can arrange the info in various ways to figure out how to use facebook. The added value does not seem to be extremely high, but it is in fact a nice interactive infographic. No more, no less, if you ask me.

More interesting, however, is the way the video and the introduction to the tool is done. On the page you can read about the technical specs of the tool (i.e. javascript, no flash, etc.).

In the video (if you haven’t watched it yet), you don’t only see the people involved in the project explaining the tool, expressing their pride. You can also see many views across the agency. This way, people can get a feeling for what the agency is like. Whether it is a nice place to work at.

My guess is: this is a clever recruitment „campaign“. May be also built for some new business activities. But when watching the video I got the feeling their first objective was to lure prospective employees…

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New twitter handle: @netzfischer instead of @webjungle

Some will have noticed this already, others might have followed the last link in my twitter stream: I will now tweet with @netzfischer instead of @webjungle. (Apart from that, most won’t change.)

Why? Here are some reasons:

  • By now, I can achieve complete netzfischer branding, not only having purchased the domain, but also the twitter handle at the same time.
  • I have noticed, that I feel more at ease blogging and twittering in German, even though having spent many years in the US and Scotland. When I started 6 years ago, the German marketing blogosphere was almost non-existent, this has changed now, enabling me to change things.

While these are only things facilitating the change, the real reason lies somewhere else:

WebJungle is my blog abour marketing, covering my professional passion.

But my interests in internet culture is much broader than this. My german Netzfischer Blog covers my broader interests in terms of net culture, curious net findings, etc. and hence the nick Netzfischer much better represents my full web interest. At the end of the day, my marketing likes (webjungle) are just part of my overall web likes (netzfischer)

Another important reason is branding: „Netzfischer“ ist much better in the German Blogosphere than „WebJungle“. When I started with Twitter in 2007, I spend much more time in the international marketing space. Since I am now spending an increasing amount of time in the German blogosphere, this makes much sense to me, and hopefully my followers.

So I might loose some of you trusted international followers, as well as follower solely interested in Marketing, but I have to do this, for me to have it make sense.

There will still be tweets about marketing at my @netzfischer handle, but the mix with other topics will be broader.

This blog, however, I will still write in English for now.

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