Yes, there was a redesign over the weekend. Not quite finished yet, so please don’t complain. I was just getting really tired of the old design…

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Yet again a new BK online campaign

Burger King keeps putting out nice online stuff. I wonder if this is, once again, from CP&B? Couldn’t find that out just now…

On this sitelet, users can create their own comic strip based on the movie „fantastic 4“. You can choose the visuals, add your own copy in speechbubbles and some „sound bites“ typical for comics.
Of course, on the last page it’s about BK: you can put together your favourite meal (do I smell some background market research?). I guess this was a clients request: „we cannot only make promotion about the film, we need to add something about our burgers!“

Anyway, users can have it their way, which is what BK has been all about over decades…

(via here and here)

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Nostalgia, again…

The web isn’t very old, yet it is fast paced. I work in this business for 7 years (and use the internet for about 10), so in Internet years – which you can may be measure like the good old dog-years), this would be, well 49 years at least. (Given that thought, I should retire soon!)

Now CNET has put up a top ten list of the fads of all times. I have to admit I don’t know all of them, but may be this is due to the fact that some were probably more popular in the US.

These Nostalgia Sites do keep popping up, just like the yahoo netrospective, which I blogged about before.

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Don’t Klick on this website

A nice experiment in terms of usability: a site, where you must not click. No, really. Everything is accessible via mouse-overs. And if you click, you are being told off for doing so. A bit too confusing at first, but it works. Will be intersting to see if such a navigation has a future…

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First of all: apologies for not having posted in such a long time. I was on vacation and forgot to mention it.

While on vacation, I managed to read through the whole internet, or so it seemed, because at some point I reached the end of the internet: the end.

But I am confident that new pages will appear, so I just have to go back and surf down other clickpaths…

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