OK, Monty Python is probably not responsible for this site, but they could have been nevertheless regarding all the design, animation and sounds of this campaign site of Nestea-Ice.

What I particularly like about this site:
– just a gadget, but hey: wheneverthe app is downloading something, the scale doesn’t count from 0 to 100%, but down from 100° down to 0° – because Nestea Ice is cold, isn’t it?
– in the start up screen, before you enter the site, you get a mini-game, in which you can freeze little sheep by dropping Nestea Ice on to them from high above.
– there is a section with videos and man, they seem to be some of the cheapest production – they used marionettes for this. Shows how a simple idea can be realised without huge costs (even though this site will already have cost some good money).

Somehow I wasn’t able to enter the contest, so I have no idea what this is about, but hey, the rest is already quite entertaining.