For the new movie, wedding crashers, there is a really neat microsite up now.
Whoever did this site (please let me know) has taken the idea further and let’s users crash the trailer. Kudos to the technical team – they have actually made it possible for people to paste their face into this trailer so that it becomes part of the film. You can take up the role of, for example, Owen Wilson and whenever he appears in the trailer, he carries your face instead of his own.
I guess there will be two things in the future:

  1. This could be a lot of fun, if you paste images of people you don’t like onto one of the most stupidist characters in the movie – and send it around the office, for example.
  2. The movie industry will leverage this technology to let users produce full feature films with their face in it. Imagine being Luke Skywalker, Frodo, Dirty Harry, etc… Sort of like a Karaoke but as a film, not only a song.

I think this is great and I am sure we’ll see more of this kind of stuff in the future…