… or more than 2.5 billion in just one month, writes ExperienceCurve. That is 60% of all videos watched online – and that’s a pretty large figure, considering most people don’t even know YouTube yet or watch online videos at all, for that matter.
At the same time, Nielsen states that TV Networks count 20 million viewers at any one time, which are their lowest ratings in recorded history.

Two large numbers, that deserve to be mentioned in one post as if to draw comparative conclusions. Yet, they shouldn’t be directly compared. Online Video still only consists of short clips, mostly user generated, the networks (at least in Germany) show professional content, movies, sports, etc. The interest of users is different for each medium and even though growth rates online soar, there is a limit to how much user generated content I can stand per day/hour/minute. And I doubt that’s much different for most people.