Businessweek Online has a „Tech Special Report“ online with lots of interesting articles. And also a slideshow about „Your Favorite Bloggers“ – the guys behind boingboing, engadget. People like Seth Godin, Mark Cuban, etc. Nice flick through those slides. Unfortunately, the corresponding list for Germany would be different. We still don’t have that kind of blog-celebrity culture over here…

Other than that there are a few other things worth reading:

  • The internet is an entertainment medium:

    According to the Pew Internet Life Survey, on any given day, 40 million Americans go to the Web for no particular reason, just to pass the time.

  • An article about the (on the web) neglected target audience of the 50 year old baby boomers:

    Today, baby boomers make up the Web’s largest constituency, accounting for fully one-third of the 195.3 million Web users in the U.S., according to JupiterResearch. They also spend more money on online shopping than your average Web user.

  • And an article about Six Apart, and how it evolved from the very first journal entries of Mena Trott to the company it is today.