Wow, what a cool move by Yahoo!

Kudos to them for making this move after having bought flickr already. BuzzMachine pointed me to this piece of news, and also to some more info on the Blog and to the blogged „press release“ of Union Square Ventures.

Yahoo! is on to the tagged, semantic web. Onto user empowerment and all the other wish-wash that is summed up under that loosely defined meme of web 2.0. I can’t wait to see how Yahoo! leverages their two new acquisitions (Flickr and in the future to enhance their portal…

It’s an interesting battle between Google and Yahoo!, both trying completely different approaches in organising the web. We can only wait and see what’s going to be more successful, but Yahoo!’s strategy is clearly more engaging and fascinating.

Kudos also to Joshua Schachter, who is the maker of, and, according to Union Square Ventures spend most of his spare time in the beginning making it come true. For his sake I hope he made a fair share on this deal.


  • Some more Info on the Yahoo! Search Blog.
  • Rubel has also some news, plus a very short messenger interview here.
    Main message: and My Web 2.0 of Yahoo! will stay separate.