Arianna Huffington is launching the huffington post tomorrow. It’s a group blog with 300 celebrities blogging, says an article on Newsweek.
Mrs Huffington’s idea:

Its really taking the two things that worked great on the Internet—which is news and the blogosphere—and combining them, bringing to the Internet voices that haven’t been there, as well as voices that are there. I’ve believed for a while now that some of the most interesting things are happening online and yet many of the very interesting people haven’t been a part of the online conversation.

The full list of celebrity bloggers isn’t published. But sofar, I mainly spotted Hollywood celebrities – actors, directors, etc.
Hollywood celebs are rolemodels for many people in the US (and even in Europe), so giving them a platform to share their thoughts with the public – without having to go through a lengthy publishing process of the traditional media – can display many interesting ideas.
Mrs. Huffingtons efforts to provide a platform are good. Any of these people could have done it individually, but I guess they wouldn’t have done it (yet).

So, let’s hear what they have to say!

Check it out tomorrow, May 9th: Huffington Post