Web Development Sees ‚Marketing Renaissance‘ writes clickz and offers a nice quote by Martin Reidy, president of Modem Media:

„A Web site is no longer a place where people can go and read stuff. It’s now a 24×7 marketing engine where people can interact with your brand, and you can, in turn, see what’s important to your customers.“ […] The biggest difference between the pre-bubble urge to have an online presence for its own sake and today’s online spending is the integration of a company’s Web site into the business strategy.

There is probably a hundred quotes like this on the net at the moment. We are, let’s face it, finally experiencing another boom of the digital media. Some call it „web 2.0“, or even „hype 2.0“, others might call it „solid business models“ or „broadband adoption“ – but in reality it’s one thing mainly: the user has finally adopted this medium in a way that enables us to reach a critical mass out in the webspace.

Online Advertising exists for more then 10 years now, but in the past one question always remained: why spend money on online advertising, if you reach only 20-30% of the population (or less). Of which only x% might be interested in you product?

This has improved. Now (in Germany) you have almost 60% online. You still have trouble reaching as many people as you will by radio, TV or Print (at least in Germany). And it’s much more fragemented. But it’s a darn lot cheaper, online.

And you also reach most of the people you will probably want to reach: those with a certain education and wallet-size. Because they are online, no doubt.

The digital space has grown vastly over the last years. I think we’ll certainly soon reach the tipping point, even in Germany.