I am new to this blogworld, even though I know about this phenomenon for quite some time. But now, that I joined this world, I am truly amazed about the amount of blogs out there. Only when you subscribe to blogger, you can get lists of recently updated blogs. And there are so many out there!
Some are very personal diaries, some try to comment on public or other issues and some are just a random chit-chat on nothingness.
Geez, I wonder if it makes sense to put any effort into this. At some point the noise of all blogs out there will be so loud, that none will get heard (or read for that matter) any longer. And then the blog phenomenon will have entered reality: We will still only read and rely on a very few sources. Only some of which may be blogs.
And the rest of these blogs will fade into the grey cloud of the WWW, into which so many personal homepages disappeared since ’94 (and keep disappearing, as search engines continue to move towards „priority-linking“).
Being slightly dissilusioned, I can’t see how this blog-phenomenon has a great future for „John Smith“ in the landscape of the general public media. Media fragmentation will just get worse because of blogs, and to go back to good old Darwin: only the best fitted will survive (the best being those, that somehow manage to attract a large audience and commentary – I will get back later on this, as I don’t yet know, how blogs get a large audience; and if I don’t get back on this, I probably never found out 🙂 ).