I have seen these before, but only once (and that was a special promotion for one product). Then I forgot about them again until I saw this today:

The link opens a „popup“ with advertisement. We’re all used to sponsored links in the left- or righthand navigation. But they’re kept separate from any editorial content, even if they are directly relating to it (as for Google Adsense).
Now they’re directly within the content. They might redirect you from the article to another site.
I just wonder how and why editors agreed with their sales people to do it this way?

Even though I am an adperson, I really wonder where else advertising will invade space where you last expect them.

It’s the first site like this in Germany (or network of sites, for it seems to be something that all of Tomorrow Focus AG sites have), that I know of. Does anyone know of other sites around the globe that have this kind of sponsored links?