The Nissan Drama – a site showing a film in bits of 1 to 1.5 minutes. It’s a drama, as the title says, but what it is all about, we can only guess. It starts off with a guy in a car (a Nissan, as the rest of the cars in this movie’s world), reading a letter, crying. He takes all the money out of his bank account, buys a car (yes, a Nissan) and drives away. Of course, on his way, he comes across lotsa things, just like a decent roadmovie.
I have watched the first 13 parts in one go now. They seem to be put live weekly. But honestly, the story is slow. thinking about what I just watched in 20 minutes, what other people waited for for 13 weeks – I wouldn’t go back every week. There isn’t enough happening in each weekly bit to actually be waiting for…
However, what’s nice, is that the whole site offers much more to explore than the plain movie clips. Sometimes you get background-info or -story, sometimes you get a voice clip with thoughts of a person, etc. And if you get your mouse „trapped“ in one particular square, you are taken to the (artificial) blog of whomever, commenting on the story.

Even though the movie is too slow for the time you have to wait for each episode, the whole concept is great.
While I wouldn’t watch a single Nissan Ad if it interrupted whatever I really sat down to see, I now sat down to watch the Nissan Ads. This is Online Advertising as I like it.