This is it. I started this blog in the beginning of 2005 in English, because back then, there weren’t many German marketing blogs out there.

This, of course, has changed substantially in the last couple of years. There are plenty of marvellous German marketing blogs out there by now. (I will update my blogroll in this context, as well).

Since I am increasingly interested in diving in, and exchanging with the German marketing blogosphere, I have decided to switch the language to German and most likely most of the content will also be much more focused on Germany.

Of course I will still write about and link to fascinating international campaigns, blogposts, infographics, etc. But this blog will now have a greater focus on national digital marketing activities.

I apologize in advance to my international readers, knowing quite well, that my „KPI“ on this blog will decrease at first, while those target audiences quit visiting this blog.

But hopefully, they’ll increase again due to more readers from Germany and stabilize at a healthy level again.