The Kinsey of Clicking is a very interesting research into todays love&web culture by Wired author Momus.
He asked the readers of his blog a few questions, which he gathered and summarised in a report later published at

His questions were:

  • What are the effects of information addiction on your life together?
  • Is the internet age less cozy and communal than the TV age?
  • Do today’s couples cuddle on the sofa when they’re surfing, legs entangled, laptop lids touching?
  • Might the „virtual personal space“ of a laptop screen be a lifesaver for a couple crammed into a too-small physical space?
  • Is surfing solitude or a new form of sociability?
  • Do couples mail each other interesting URLs, do they text message each other even when they could be talking face-to-face?
  • What about „asymmetrical addiction“ — does the first one to be bored online dictate offline activities, or does the one who wants to stay online longest make the other one click around aimlessly for hours?

Like the intrepid Dr. Kinsey himself, I didn’t hold back from darker questions, either.

  • Do couples use domestic Wi-Fi to look surreptitiously at porn?
  • Are they flirting with other people, using the internet’s weird ability to make the absent more present than the present?
  • Can jealousy, that primitive monster that sleeps inside us, distinguish the threat of human sexual rivals from the threat posed by the winking green LEDs of the very machines that bring them into our living room?

Check it out. Or even look at the full material at his own website.