Within the internet, I already wrote about the fact that content and advertising merges slowly. Also in some newspapers this is the case, I found. But now, in Adage
I found an article that states how ads are now part of the movies – or movie/show trailers, rather. So there are no 30″ clips any longer. There is no story wrapped around a product, but a story containing a product. Which would be old news if it was regular films, think of product placements. But in this case, the include the brands in trailers for upcoming shows…

We’re trying to create an environment between shows and movies that’s so useful it’s TiVo-proof

TiVo-proof is probably one of the most commonly used expressions amongst TV-advertisers in the US these days, I guess.

‚When IFC’s creating these mini movies, these interstitials, we want them to be reflective of their channel but with Heineken integrated into it,‘ she said. ‚You don’t want to be overt. The people who are watching don�t want anything in their face.‘

Good bye to interruption advertising.