A vision of students today

Michael Wesch of Kansas University has published his third video on the effects of modern society&technology on (young) people

To quote Mitch Joel, who nailed it down nicely:

I know that most people will see this as a wake-up call for their industry, but I find it especially relevant to the Digital Marketing industry. Young people are learning about Marketing in the types of environments depicted in A Vision of Students Today. We need to empower and power them better. From the looks of things, they are already using the tools needed to succeed, but are stuck in „industrial complex“ like systems. They are mass collaborating, they are engaged in online social networks, they are spending more time with communications like email. Overall they are primed to be excellent professionals in the Digital Marketing space.

The other two videos have been around for a little longer already, you might have seen them:

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

Information R/evolution:

Marketing with widgets on social networks

Whoever doubted that widgets can be a fantastic tool for marketing? Well, probably anybody who didn’t think that a widget can actually provide a fun „anything“ sponsored by a brand.

Here is a short article about a Red Bull Widget that seems to be the killer app for all those people bored at the office (during lunch break only, of course).


It is an online version of Rock / Paper / Scissors. You can play this via the widget against other people from the facebook network. Great idea!

This might be the start of a whole new stampede of marketing widgets on facebook (and others).