Fiat on the Web. Just another social aggregator site?

We’ve seen quite a few examples of corporate sites mashing up social media content and presenting it on a single page. Jeep is one of the earliest examples I can remember (they seem to have some special right now, called „urban ranger“).

Now, since June there is Fiat on the web. A wordpress powered site – actually a blog – with all the ingredients: a facebook widget, a youtube gallery, same with flickr, friendfeed is integrated, delicious links accessible, latest twitter updates: every „mandatory“ item seems to be present.


I am not mentioning that because it appears so fantastically special. Instead, I am slowly getting the perception that these kind of social brand presence aggregator sites are become „business as usual“. Or rather: should be considered by brand marketers as a mandatory online marketing component. Yet: how many of those sites have we really seen? How many brands actually have sufficient social media presences in order to justify such a site?

Jeep and Marvel at online comics.

Here is a nice little idea: Jeep and Marvel Comics have started a „user-generated-comic“ campaign. They have launched the below website:


The first couple of chapters of this comic are already available online. The next chapters wait for content input by the users – that is us, all of us. A professional comic artist will then put these ideas into this comic strip. And i assume, he’ll always make sure that there is a Jeep somewhere within the story.
And whoever participates gets a printed out version of the comic later on – or so it says on Adverblog.

I never guessed that there was such a big target group overlap between Marvel and Jeep. Or are they targetting the kids of Jeep drivers?