Copy whatever works, the Germans seem to think.

There were endless discussions in Germany about the successful  social media tactics employed during the presidential election campaign in the US. Of course these discussions also included thoughts and recommendations about how politics in Germany should make use of social media during this years election period.

I agree to the general thought, however I was mildly surprised by the blunt and uninspiring German copy of a well known video from the US. Whoever made this copy, did not even try to add their own thoughts. The only difference: this time they’re German Celebrities. The rest is the same. Here it is:

Does that look familiar? It is just like this one, isn’t it?

If this is the way forward during this year’s election, we will probably see a lot more stupid copies of the stuff in the US. I’ll keep you posted.

When you campaign, don’t stop.

I have written about the notion of campaigning vs commiting and the fact that social media is not about short lived campaigns but more often about building up conversations and long term relationships.
The online part of the election campaign of Barack Obama was one of the most sophisticated social media campaigns I have seen in a long time.

But in politics, everythings is timed. Everything builds up for the election, then there is the big climax, as we have seen last Tuesday, and now the campaign is over, done, dusted. Obama is already busy putting his cabinett together (he must not loose time addressing all the problems that his predecessor caused in the last 8 years!), and there is no involvement of the Obama supporters any longer.

The pressure is gone, and all the most active supporters have nothing to talk about, nothing to live up to any more. Here is a television news report on the sad victims of post election hang over:

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

😉 have fun! I am glad the election turned out the way it did!