You: boom chicka wah wah

So here it is. Another „make your own advertising“ by Axe. This time Axe offers a platform for user generated advertising, the briefing for these clips should be fairly clear. At the end of the day, this is a campaign, with a globally comprehensible idea.

However, I am not sure if this campaign really is an international campaign. (This site is in German). But you get the picture, and the videos are, well, boom chicka wah wah. What more need I say?

Boom chicka wah wah – or how to fascinate the children of the web.

What a phrase:

We’re now at the busy crossroads where globalization meets Web 2.0

But it’s true in a way, and it is what this article from business week titled „Children of the Web“ is all about. Plus a good case study of how Axe managed to fascinate the global youth with the tag line „boom chicka wah wah“, which was specifically aimed at being interculturally applicable for marketing.

Axe Beach Showercam

This is another funny idea from Axe. A small microsite made to look like a freaky beachcam website.

The temperature adjustment for the shower is hacked and you can controll it from the website. A live cam shows you the reactions of the women.

It’s great, there always seems to be bright sunny daylight, and plenty of women wanting to take a shower. Every time you log on, there is always one showing up to take a shower. Go try for yourself. There even is a nice ending to this.

I like the way the site is somewhat trashy. White font on black background including (fake) Google AdSense, just like a cheap hacker site might look like. Art Directors might hate it, but hey…
(via Adverblog)

Axe: Let the Game Continue

A nice idea: In this movie by Axe, you can choose 2 or 3 times, which way the story of the movie should continue. Should the guy go with the girl(s), or should he resist and go home?


Naturally, the movie only ends well, if you click on „continue“ each time, so that the guy gets off with all the girls that lure him away.

Since I have a decent broadband line, I can watch the movie in good quality in almost full screen mode! Amazing, how this has evolved from the small thumbnail sized ads a few years back.

(found on adverblog.)