Umair hast an interesting Post about how strategy is in danger of becoming the new commodity (in his opinion), and the fact that creativity will be the next thing to add true value:

In a world where strategy is a commodity, creativity becomes the vital factor from which value flows. When everyone can think strategically about everything, the locus of value creation shifts from out-thinking everyone to out-creating them.

I don’t full agree. True, strategy is a lot about analysis and in that respect it is a commodity, in the same sense that information itself is becoming a commodity. But strategy is also about what you do with that information and analysis. And when you think about it: that is, in effect, creativity. Shaping the future, going new ways.

Everything else is just management, as one of the commentators wrote:

strategy is a subset of creativity – it is management that is the commodity and it is management that is no longer adding value.