Evan and Gareth are sent on a mission by Axe: They need to find out the best way to pick up chicks, tagline: „play or be played“. They have a playbook with different ways to approach and pick up a girl and are now testing all the moves. More or less successfully, but funny nevertheless.

The site has all the ingredients you would expect: a journal (a blog so to say), little 48 sec clips of all sorts of events during their tour of the US, photos, Bios, and a forum.
Not sure for how long this has been online, but the forum isn’t very exciting yet, which let’s one assume that the site hasn’t really gone viral yet, as AdLand also states. They have some more background information on this, so go read it there, too.
Main message: Unilever is now focusing more on the web for it’s Axe advertising. Reason being clear: the target group zaps TV ads and has a short attention span anyway. That explains why no clip I found was longer then 48 secs. This seems to be the MTV-influenced maximum length of content people can pay attention to these days. Oh my. Considering that attention span, this post is getting way too long already…