A couple of weeks ago I noticed skypecasts for the first time. An amazing concept. You create a skypecast to which up to 100 people can join in. As the moderator you can decide who gets to speak (you could also decide to have a monologue for 2 hours – might be your last cast that people join).

In theory, this opens the door for massive multi-chatter audio chat sessions (MMCACS – a term I just made up 😉 )

Skype already lists pages of Skypecasts that anyone can join – Irish language chats, church-casts, business briefings and tech webcasts. It’s like call in radio on the web – and the advantage is that the host can record the conversation and post it in podcast format to iTunes or their blog. (PSFK)

Now PFSK calls it „call in radio on the web“ – but the true fascination will come from topical chat sessions, where 20 people can discuss, say, a worldcup game, for example. Just like the Italy vs Ghana as I watch now.

It might get too noisy, as people try to grab everybodys attention. But then again, people will get to learn some „conference call etiquette“, as it is already common in the business world. And those who do not play by those rules will be kicked out of the chatsessions.

Can you already hook up Second Life and Skype(casts)? I think this would be the next logical step.

Here is some more info .

And here is how it works.