Further to my post below there was a Clickz article about Seven Digital Consumer Trends plus some insights into what that means for marketing, etc.
(It’s from June 2006, but I only remembered about it again now.)

  • Individuals‘ interconnectivity is increasing.
  • The information playing field is being leveled.
  • Relevance filtering is growing.
  • Niche aggregation is growing.
  • Micropublished self-expression is blossoming.
  • The „prosumer“ is rising.
  • It’s on-demand everything, everywhere.
  • What that means?

    They’re better informed through the increased ability to access and sift an abundance of information anytime, anywhere. They’re better connected through the ability to instantaneously communicate with others across time zones and social strata. They’re more communicative through the ability to publish and share their ideas and opinions. They’re more in control through the ability not only to personalize their information and entertainment consumption, marketing messages, and the products and services they buy, but also to gain satisfaction on demand.

    As this evolution continues, marketers are faced with a growing number of challenges to acquire, satisfy, and keep their target customers. They must rethink their approach to brand communications.