There is a fairly new and highly discussed movement going on, called: Save the Internet.

What does it mean, and what is this movement for? David Weinberger has answers:

Net neutrality (formerly known as the end-to-end principle) means that the people who provide connections to the Internet don’t get to favor some bits over others. This principle is not only under attack, it’s about to be regulated out of existence.

For more detail you can also check out the FAQ page of

As Jeff Jarvis writes:

The age of business models built on scarcity and on keeping your customers from doing what they want to do is over. Now we just have to make sure that Congress doesn’t try to keep it on artificial life support.

That seems to be a big discussion in the US, while it seems strange to me, that a freedom orientated society like them might actually face such a self-imposed threat?

But then again: what IF we are currently living in an extraordinary timeslot? What IF content distribution goes back to what it used to be – large corporations dictating (programming) or at least controlling content distribution. And charging for it, too, of course. In 20 years people will have forgotten, that you could ever download content for free or make free PC-to-PC calls.

Just a thought. Please don’t say: „if you’re not with us, you’re with them“.