OK, of course I read about this in the past, but it I guess personal experience reinforces memory and thinking much better. I’m talking about advertising in RSS feeds.
Some days ago, I read about Google starting to do that, but I never gave much thought to it.
Now I actually saw the first ad in one of my feeds:

I was quite surprised admittingly, but then I found some information at Network Landscape about this, referencing this site hosted at weblogs, inc.

So Google has a contract with weblogs, inc. How long, until they also do this with my space here – blogger.com? Well, I don’t think they would do that just like that. Or say: I hope not! Sofar, they haven’t imposed much on blogger.com users except for that bar at the top.

I have ambiguous thoughts about this here. Working in Internet Marketing, I welcome this new approach of plastering ads even in tools that were mainly meant to keep users from receiving unsolicited information. Being such a user myself, I notice I don’t like this trend…

Now the funny thing about this is, that any other company could have done this too, but as Google invades also this space with their adsense, makes me think of things I have written about earlier…