14:00 audience session: context by Stefan Erschwendner

Some interesting questions arise after the kick off presentation: 

  • Should agencies rather focus on context of the target audience? Will context drive marketing (communicationss) in the future?
  • Which type of agency will be best suited for this in the future? PR or ad agencies?
  • What happens when companies piggyback contexts without honestly solving the problems relevant to these contexts – when the branding effect is purely placebo.
  • How can you focus on certain contexts, for chocolate bars, for example? You can’t with the current system of target audience definition.
  • If the goal is managing relationships with consumers in different contexts, who will do that in the future? The brand, the agency? Probably the brand in the long term, agencies will turn in to coaches.
  • Will the time frame for communications programms change? The model of having „quarterly“ campaigns can probably not be sustained in the future.