17:33h – Ok, I skipped a session: quantitative vs qualitative viral marketing by viral seeding company elbkind. Very interesting session with a goood discussion about reach of campaigns in generell (i.e. millions of views) vs reach within a certain target group (wich might result in viewer, but qualitatively lesser views).

Now I am sitting in this (last) session:

Agenturgezwitscher: Twittern zwischen Tratsch 2.0 und echtem Mehrwert

Bastian Scherbeck and Nicole Simon about twitter for agencies.

  • One opportunity: internal communication instead of mail and IMs: it can reduce mail but doesn’t offer all functionalities needed.
  • External Communications for clients: it’s all about transparency and trust. The agency needs empowerment when doing this, clients need „courage“.
  • (missed the third scenario, as I had to answer an email for work)
  • Interesting question from the audience: why should companies twitter? Answer: It depends. And: you can, you don’t have to. 
  • A further discussion with lots of questions from the audience arose about why should you twitter, personal accounts vs corporate accounts, etc. Temporarily it was stated that you can do customer service well (not cheaper) – in the future I believe that. Currently twitter has around 60-80.000 users in Germany. That’s a bit small to be a relevant channel for customer service…