A lot of sources have already talked about this site: The million dollar homepage, where a guy is selling off 1 million pixels of his homepage at $1 per pixel. By the way, he needs more than the average screen resolution of 1024×768, because that’s just 786432 in total – that means more than 200,000 Pixels are definitely not visible when visiting the site!

Now he’s selling of the last 1,000 Pixels on ebay. Which is always good for publicity – selling on ebay, that is.
Amazing fact: the bids are already over $160k!

So I go on to ask myself the same question as probably 1 million other people worldwide: Why didn’t I come up with such nonsense? All my other ideas are usually just as stupid!

Oh, and while we’re wondering who might be the lucky bidder: my guess is that it’ll be the Golden Casino, once again. They already bought the car of the pope, some burned piece of toasted bread, the linconl fry, etc. All via ebay – the must have a coop with ebay on this. (There was once a blogpost by someone on how to create a buzz through useless ebay auctions, but I can’t find it any more – this was definitely before de.licio.us!)