MarketingVOX has some info about the impact and effect of Online Advertising:

Some 57.1 percent of all web users 18 years and older say the internet serves as the primary source of information

I liked that figure, but when continuing to read, I had to find out:

TV commercials, however, apparently still make the most impression. Nearly half (49.8 percent) of respondents cited television as the most effective media to capture their attention, followed by the internet (22.3 percent)

The last quote, however struck and shook me.

more than one-third (39.5 percent) of respondents said those [online] campaigns were „recycling“ what was being done in other media; nearly one-quarter (23.0 percent) said the online campaigns were „worse“ than what was being done on TV, in newspapers and in magazines.

Is that the same in Germany? Probably.
Let’s change that. Now!