Some will have noticed this already, others might have followed the last link in my twitter stream: I will now tweet with @netzfischer instead of @webjungle. (Apart from that, most won’t change.)

Why? Here are some reasons:

  • By now, I can achieve complete netzfischer branding, not only having purchased the domain, but also the twitter handle at the same time.
  • I have noticed, that I feel more at ease blogging and twittering in German, even though having spent many years in the US and Scotland. When I started 6 years ago, the German marketing blogosphere was almost non-existent, this has changed now, enabling me to change things.

While these are only things facilitating the change, the real reason lies somewhere else:

WebJungle is my blog abour marketing, covering my professional passion.

But my interests in internet culture is much broader than this. My german Netzfischer Blog covers my broader interests in terms of net culture, curious net findings, etc. and hence the nick Netzfischer much better represents my full web interest. At the end of the day, my marketing likes (webjungle) are just part of my overall web likes (netzfischer)

Another important reason is branding: „Netzfischer“ ist much better in the German Blogosphere than „WebJungle“. When I started with Twitter in 2007, I spend much more time in the international marketing space. Since I am now spending an increasing amount of time in the German blogosphere, this makes much sense to me, and hopefully my followers.

So I might loose some of you trusted international followers, as well as follower solely interested in Marketing, but I have to do this, for me to have it make sense.

There will still be tweets about marketing at my @netzfischer handle, but the mix with other topics will be broader.

This blog, however, I will still write in English for now.