Doritos has already made some experiences with user generated content – asking users to submit their homemade ads with the chance of having it aired during the superbowl. We all know how the story ended: a $13 video was put infront of an audience of 90 million people.

Pringles now sponsors Spiderman III and aks people from across Europe
to shoot short films with Pringles as the star of the film.

pringles spiderman promo

In true 2.0 fashion, people can then rate the videos. And of course the videos are hosted on Google Video (why not YouTube?), so they can be spread. Like I am spreading this one here which really looks user generated, yet it is one of the highest ranking videos on the site (no video got more than three stars sofar):

The music is actually the same as in Carltons „Big Ad“. Was that chosen on purpose?