apparently broke the news: Steve Jobs, the incredible Steve, won an abandoned mineral mine in remote western Australia during a poker game – and has nothing better to do than to build a giant iPod ad on it.
An ad that can be seen from outer space, as even adrants reports (err, quotes). If you look on technorati, you can find lots of posts on this matter – it’s the new Apple story, apparently. OK, it’s for the 30th birthday of Apple, fair enough. They might as well go big.

Yet, according to all the blogs I read sofar, I was probably the only one not zooming in on to the iPod, but zooming out to check out the area around it.

And while I like this story a lot, I couldn’t help myself noticing, that Steve Jobs is indeed building two iPod ads rather close to each other!! I suppose one is for the iPod video while the other one is for, well, any of the other iPods. It’s not finished yet, so it’s difficult to tell.

See for yourself:

You can find it here on Google Local.

(On second throught – what if these square areas are just something unusual that australian miners … no, let the story continue.)