This is clearly one of the smartest and best brand microsites I have seen in a while: From A-Class to S-Class by Mercedes Benz.

With each letter of the alphabet (but only until S) this site shows one of the features that prove that Mercedes Benz pays a lot of attention to detail. This alone doesn’t strike one as being overly interesting.

What makes this a true „experience“ of the features is the way you explore everything with your mousepointer. In the screenshot above, you push down the leather while moving your mousepointer across the leather. In another one, you can see how your mousepointer starts skidding away in a straight line once you moved over a puddle of what I reckon is oil. This one shows how ESP gives you directional stability.

In the beginning, the site even teaches you the three main ways of interaction with your mouse on this site: roll-over, click, click and drag. (Makes you wonder about the target group.)

A lot of fun, while using interactivity to its fullest, to demonstrate each point. Well done!

And now for the marketing bit: they didn’t publish all features just now. May be because they aren’t finished yet, but who believes that?. I think it’s a rather clever stunt to collect addresses: when I clicked on a letter that wasn’t „live“ yet, I got a message saying that I would be informed of updates if I leave my email address (and it obviously also had a check box for „further information in the future“). Of course I left my email address. For one, because I infact do want to see the next couple of letters. Secondly, I want to see the follow-up email they’ll send me. Should be interesting!