If you wonder, why this has been so silent in the last couple of days – I am currently working on improvements to this site. One of which will be moving this on to WordPress and on to a dedicated URL. I have already migrated my other blog (German), to test everything. And now that I know (how) it works, I will soon migrate this blog, too.

This site was originally just a test to see whether or not I like and will pursue blogging. And it soon proved to be something I enjoy to do on a continuous basis (even though my posts are sometimes a bit unregular).

So I will now put this blog onto a platform, where I have the full scope of influence on everything, including all the back-end files and the directories of pages, etc.
Also, with wordpress being open source software, I look forward to find an abundance of plugins and updates, much more frequently than it will (probably) happen here.

(I am not unsatisfied with blogger.com – but it’s still a third party controlled software… and the interface on wordpress is better an leaves me many more options.)