The first Links & News is all about advergames:

  • Pakman: a Dutch advergame. „Pak“ means suit in Dutch hence the missspelling. Otherwise the game is very much like pacman, and very entertaining to play.
  • Panasonic: an advergame promoting the new Lumix technology. Not very gripping, but apparently it’s easy to win something.
  • Ashtraymouth: this is an anti-smoking campaign from the Washington State Department of Health. Apart from the advergame you can also see the TV spots here.
  • Virgin says „Exercise your music muscle“ and asks you to find 74 bands or artists within the one image they’re showing.
  • (all via adverblog)

  • Superwalkland is an advergame by Sony with the typical 2D run and hit gameplay.
  • Last but not least: an advergame by Nestle: Lift your cups, the typical aim and shoot gameplay.