• Here is another list of predictions for 2006. Most of it sounds interesting. But here, I just couldn’t help a big fat grin:

    Speaking of a higher purpose, Google, NASA and Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos will shake hands on an agreement to collaborate on space missions.

  • Web content shifts from PC to all sorts of other devices (especially mobile).
  • The iPod is not only bringing record revenue to Apple, it is also becoming part of everyday fashion (see also here).
  • Apple ignited the storm on podcasting by adding a podcast funtionality to iTunes and the iPod (for which I love them, because I love Podcasts) – and now they stepping backward and add an FM tuner to the iPod? Come on!
  • Adrants complains about an apparently fake blog by Coke.
  • By the way, speaking of Adrants: I regularly listen to the „Across the Sound“ Podcast – and since Steve Rubel has unfortunately left the show, Joe Jaffe invites co-hosts to have discussions on new marketing an PR with him.
    Steve Hall of Adrants was the latest one of Episode 15 and it was very entertaining and informative!
  • Congrats to Yahoo! for allways finding exciting companies to purchase. Their mission of becoming the user centric, folksonomistic, semantic, web2.0-istic company fascinates me. If there was one company I would like to work for other than one I currently work for: Yahoo! would be it…