Looking for stuff on RSS I came across a range of interesting posts and articles about RSS, it’s relevance for Web 2.0 and the future of content distribution and meshup:

  • Starting out with the article by Dick Costolo of Feedburner, it becomes clear that RSS ist now widely used, not just in blogs. Dick also talks about the new form of content distribution in small atoms/chunks.
  • Read/WriteWeb has picked up on this.
  • „A VC“ also picked up on this and in addition refers to Ray Ozzie at Microsoft, who is thinking about using RSS in combination with SSE to make RSS a two-way communication.
  • Adaptive Path talks about the Experience continuum
  • Stephan Spencer wonders whether RSS will overtake email as a marketing channel.
  • The Digital Web Magazine writes about the implications of the new technologies on Web 2.0 and it’s impact on content distribution, user behaviour and design of web content.
  • It’s amazing to read all this and think about the implications about future content distribution as well as user participation and expectations on this matter.

    Let’s stay tuned…