JWT have changed their way of thinking: they want to „stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.“
While the idea is nice for the consumer and certainly the right approach in todays cluttered, ad-tired world of TiVo & Co, I wonder how they will manage to persuade their clients to fully commit to this path, too. If JWT does this 100%, they will have to deselect many of the traditional media. And change the way they creatively package their messages. Both might lead to doubts among some of the more traditional advertisers.
But then again, maybe JWT wants to acquire different ones in the future. Focusing only on brands that like to take up that challenge.
Second thought. May be the ad industry in the US is already so „desparate“ that this is actually the only way to go?
We’ll see how it develops. I personally favour that move, because that probably means that we’ll see lots of interesting interactive stuff from JWT in the future.