Apparently, MSN is launching an Interactive Baseball Reality Show as clickz writes.

The team for this „Fan Club“ will be the Schaumberg Flyers:

„Fan Club“ content will consist largely of short-form video. Background information on the team, the Illinois-based Schaumberg Flyers, will populate the site upon its launch. Along the way, users will be able to select the team roster, determine batting order and choose pitchers. They’ll also be able to make decisions on roommate assignments and player trades. Whatever they collectively decide will be implemented, and they’ll then be able to watch the results via short-form video and text narrative.

Apart from the new kind of customer engagement and storytelling, this will be a particularly interesting experiment with the Wisdom of the crowds. If the majority of the fans can vote on player trades, batting order, etc. they should (according to that theory) perform better than the average coach, possibly even better than the best coach.