Here is a great online advertising campaign from Cisco: Hack the hackers desktop. Yes, you can. Go to (it’s in German) and you can „hack“ into Brunos desktop.
Once you’re there, you can see his desktop, with everything on it (including photos of his Girlfriend Cisca). And you can see who’s also online on his desktop through an intrusion detektor (you can also see what they look at!).

There are many other features, like his personal hacking blog, eCards and his email program with many emails going back and forth between him and Cisca, ending abruptly last Oktober. I guess he was „in prison“ for 3 months, having been caught hacking (the last email with the cisco ad of Bruno as a prisoner gives it away – but now he seems to be online again…)

Nicely done with lots of stuff to explore and play around with. I really like online campaigns like that !