Here is a Honda TV Spot that is currently making it’s round across several blogs.

I am curious to learn about how many views Honda gets with this spot – as it seems to be quite well promoted via a choir of word-to-mouth propaganda.

On some blogs, people ask what does it sell or achieve?

What does it achieve for Honda? Unfortunately, not much of anything. The same spot could have featured a Toyota, Volkswagen or Mercedes, and it would have worked just as well creatively.

Well, you could ask the same question for most car ads. In fact, you could ask the same about most spots these days.
At the same time, I have thought more about Honda (and in parts the Civic) in those 2 Minutes, than I have in the last couple weeks.
Or as Werbeblogger puts it, the Honda brand will most likely have moved up the ranks in the list of cars I remember the next time I buy a car.

On the microsite you can of course explore the car’s features. But you can also see the making of the spot.