Do you like lounge music? Chilling grooves, downtempo sofasurfer music or latin funk vibes? Or as radio42 says it: FINEST ELECTRONICA CHILLED WITH AMBIENT & DOWNTEMPO, MIXED WITH HOUSE & LATIN, STIRRED WITH NUJAZZ AND BLENDED WITH SOULFUL FUNKY BEATS.
Well, if we want to keep listening to radio42’s great music, as I do most of my time at home or at work, we need to help Bernd, who is running this 24h radio station, to set it up outside of Germany (the GVL – a German music licence organization – will charge a lot more money from march onwards, writes Bernd).

He found a viable solution already, working together with „lounge radio“ in Switzerland, as you can read on the website. However, he seems to be needing additional server capacity for streaming the music. So who can help, who can offer free a) SHOUTcast Server or b) Windows Media Server with 100MBit/sec. unmetered and guaranteed bandwidth?
If you can help, visit the website, where you can find contact information.

I, for one, would like to thank anyone who can help, in advance, as I love this station (and cannot help myself).