Random Culture writes Heineken UK Quits TV, in order to invest more in POS marketing. All because the clutter on TV is increasing, and Sky Plus, enabling viewers to skip ads, is on it’s way in the UK (writes Times Online)
And Random Culture wonders:

Umm, wow… did anyone tell them about this whole Internet thing? Most people seem to be taking money away from TV and putting it online. This move by Heineken UK seems to be a move in the opposite direction.

Though I also happily write about companies putting their TV and Print budgets online, I don’t think it’s a logical step to put it there. Quite often, other channels might have the same or even more impact. May be POS can increase sales much more than any online campaign? (I’m sure Heineken has done their homework.)

In addition, they will remain on TV during sport events, when they sponsor short �break bumpers�, as they call it.
The question arises whether the brand image can be sustained through these marketing activities.