It’s this blogs 2nd Birthday today. Yes, Web Jungle is two years old. I am rather excited about this, as it doesn’t appear to me as if I have been working&writing on blogs for so long. I can still remember having started on the old space:

Then, when I noticed I would indeed continue with blogging, I moved everything to my own domain with a much more flexible blogging software. So I moved to and wordpress. Now this again is even more than a year old.

I have blogged with wordpress since September 2005. Since then I have abandoned the blogspot location. Interesting, that my content is still there – talking about digital trash!

Looking around, I notice that some blogs are already a few years old (but still only up to 6-7 years at the most!!), and I wonder, if blogs will, from now on, continue to be part of some peoples lives? Will I still blog in 5, 10 or 20 years time? How big would my archive of information be? What wealth of information and links would it provide?

What wealth of information and links would generally exist in 30 years, if bloggers and content-/link-platforms continue they way they manage content these days?

All these are faszinating thoughts, theoretical in nature, as we’re all going to experience the effects of the web at the same time, with lot’s of people putting out theories, with only a few really succeeding in implementing good platforms and everybody learning and adapting as they go along.

I already enjoy the ride, how about yourself?