A few marketing people at Guiness have started blogging!

As Werbeblogger writes, these are the Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, two Senior Brand Managern and the Sponsorchip Manager.

But do make sure you pretend you’re from somewhere in the UK. Here is why:

Next, lots of people from countries outside of the UK are asking why they can’t access the blog. There are two answers to this. Obviously Guinness is one great brand that’s widely loved in about 150 countries. But the drinkers in those countries are all different so what the various marketing teams get up to differs also. What’s on this blog is specifically about our GB plans – hence the focus on those drinkers. There are legal issues with us making content the GB team have written available to other countries.

If you claim you’re from „other“, you’re being sent straight on to Yahoo! (which isn’t all that bad either).

What I find particularly interesting: the marketing people are blogging about their jobs, even posting agency storyboards of TV spots.